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The websites below offer free searches and/or limited free full-text access to systematic literature reviews (structured reviews of aggregated individual studies about a topic, such as meta-analyses). The sources below may also include pre-appraised reports of specific studies (e.g., BMJ Updates, Evidence-Based Mental Health). To restrict your search to group-related materials, click here for keywords (e.g., include the keywords related to "group work").

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality - Healthcare

BMJ Updates - Medical related. Free registration.

Campbell Collaboration Library  - Psychosocial

Cochrane Collaboration - Healthcare

Evidence-Based Mental Health - Psychosocial

Promising Practices Network - "What works for children and families" (website)

National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices

Know of any other free sources for searching across systematic reviews or pre-appraised evidence that might be related to group work? Please send it to us at Feedback@EvidenceBasedGroupWork.com